production lineJSC "Inkomerc Holding" has operated in the field of Information Technologies for 25 years. The main business area of the company today is "Smart-Systems" Project. The idea of the project is based on the ancestor of the enterprise – The Computation Centre of Latvia Republic. The focus point of the project "Smart-Systems" is development, production, installation and servicing of various specialized computer systems, navigation and monitoring devices, and other mobile and stationary safety devises. Inkomerc Holding, Inc. employs a team of highly qualified IT professionals with long work experience in technical-scientific production enterprises.

High technological level of our products is guaranteed by production base of our company. Full cycle of production – from initial development stage to serial production line - is supported by the latest microprocessor technologies and electronic components supplied by world’s leading companies. Our products are submitted to quality tests on production stage and also before putting into operation.

service centerThere is a specialized service centre located in the territory of the company with the capacity to install and service special equipment for 20 cars at the same time. Regular investments in research and development have enabled our company to launch new products every year. Since 2005, we have developed and started production of 10 various electronic devices. Our company has close cooperation with governmental institutions, and also private enterprises in Latvia and abroad.


Our philosophy

quality controlThe philosophical baseline of our company is development of qualitative products accordantly to requirements of our clients and partners while meeting our established production standards. Our support base is carefully developed control and testing system for technological processes that provides optimal reduction or even elimination of risks occurring during production and installation of electronic devises.

To ensure that our manufactured products meet EU norms and regulations, we are working hard to maintain the high standards of the professional development of our employees and the company's organization. Every employee of the company - director, mid-level manager, operator and any other staff member - is fully responsible for the quality and implementation of the objectives imposed, as well as the continuous improvement of the quality indicators.